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Stairs to heaven 


Book Heaven Gate Arrival

Since my Book Heaven post is so popular, here is the arrival sequence. My soul shall be redeemed.  


Paranormal Quote of the Week

Okay…had a Twilight movie night.  Here’s a bit of Twilight love.

Edward…sometimes annoying. But his devotion is admirable.


Sneak Peek into Under Cover- Hayes Under, Working for the Devil is never easy!


Working with the Devil’s daughter might just be the end of both of them.  Read about Hayes and Kali’s story.


I stood planted to the spot I’d landed on upon entering.  One of the two men noticed me and coughed.  Hayes looked up at me and simply stared with an unreadable expression, unchanging.

After a breath of time passed he held one hand in the air and the two men left the table walking my direction.  For one fearful second I thought they were going to grab me under my arms and drag me away like they did in the movies, but instead stopped like soldiers, saluted me, and circumvented the door.

When my eyes moved back to Hayes, he’d left the end of the table and now stood right beside me, his gaze intent.  “Is there something you need?”

I had a sudden panicked feeling to turn and run like a screaming girl who felt the term “manning up” once meant gaining muscles.  Here, now, it meant lying and hiding the way sweaty palms give away nervousness.  Instead, I told the truth.  The devil in me was hiding in the dummy waiter to go back up to earth.  “No, I just didn’t want to be alone.”   I let him watch me and took the time to scan the amazing selection of books that went all around the room in a circle.  This was heaven.  Oh, the irony.

“Would you like a book?” he asked me.

I nodded unable to find my voice, drool pooling in my mouth at the thought of this many books.

His smile was genuine when he offered, “Anything you like.”

I looked at his handsome face.  He was definitely good looking in a resplendent, sad way.  Any girl would fall over and stumble to be noticed by him.  A year ago, I would have sighed and broke out in hives to be asked out by so gorgeous a man.  And yet, I was engaged to him.

I walked away towards a shelf to busy myself, rubbing my chapped lips together again dying for a little lip balm. The books were dusty and the walls with it.  He worked as my father’s partner for the Underworld.  How did no one know about this at school?   “So, you are like a captain or something, yes?”

“Yes.” A plausible answer was given before he moved back to the table by the direction his voice came from.

“And that’s like in an army, yes?”


“And yet you are in a library?”  I turned to see his face.

Having watched me the whole time, I quickly looked away and grabbed a book from the shelf pretending to look through it.

“I meet with my two lead men most nights to regroup,” he paused, “and I like to read.”

I looked at him placated by the idea that he would read for enjoyment and have to acknowledge that he wasn’t this angry boy who taunted me all the time…at the moment.  Okay, so he wasn’t all evil all the time.  “What do you read?”  I challenged him a little, curiosity getting the best of me thinking maybe he’ll talk if softened him up.

“If I tell, will you think less of me?”  He was asking?  I didn’t answer him.  He didn’t deserve it yet. “Frost.  Tennyson.  Shakespeare.”

Wow!  “Got to admit Under, I didn’t think you had anything in you but sexist comments and all out anguish.”

“Kate,” he put the rolled up paper that resembled a map back down on the table, “I didn’t chose this life either.  I have spent my entire childhood being told to wait for you and prepare for you and be a husband to you and be at your beck and call, remember?”

Yes!  “No!  I don’t recall that you were penciled into my life.  But it seems that others had those plans for us and I detect a certain amount of rebellion in your voice at the present moment my dear husband to be.  Perhaps you didn’t choose it either, but you don’t seem to be fighting it just the same.”  I inched closer meaning to demean and break his hold over being in charge.  I’m in charge of me, I reminded myself.  But something else inside of me took flight.  Something repressed and a promise I chose to ignore while being here.

He backed up till he was against the table.  When his hands fly to the top and held on tighter than I would have thought, I stood a little taller.

“I will not be made to do anything I don’t want to do, Under.  Let’s get that all on the table.  NO ONE will make me do anything.”  My ireful nature flared up.  I felt my body light on fire.

“Say it.  You’re a demon, Kate.”

Paranormal Quote of the Week


“Freedom means more than just struggling to survive.”
Lisa M. Stasse, The Forsaken

Sneak Peek into Under Cover- What happens whey you are the devil’s daughter?


Kali’s world is turned upside down when she confirms who her father is.  The demon world will never be the same.  Especially when it learns it’s princess of power isn’t all demon.


“What are you doing?” I asked him not having enough time to come to the realization that he was in my room, at Webb’s house!  “Hayes,” his name came out shaky and with a swallow of air, his scent consuming me as always.

He wasn’t phased. “If I’d known landing here would put me in your arms, dressed like that, I’d have done it sooner.”  His smile was ear-to-ear and very close to my own.  I bit my lip and curled up my brow peeking at the bedroom door.

“They have no idea.  I’m covered under darkness, as are you.”

What did that mean?  “I can do that?”

“Yes.  With…or without me.”  That last part was hard for him to get out like he was indecisive on how he felt about it.

His hand hot like fire on the curve of my back brought me back. “Are you just going to hold me down like this?”  I was contorted sideways on the bed with every ounce of him on top, something he was most definitely not indecisive about.   My legs were parted due to the angle and his body lay between them.  It was the most compromising position I’d ever been in and I couldn’t say it was all that bad.

He reluctantly let me stay on the bed and righted himself to standing.  After careful roaming eyes, he offered for me to get dressed or get under the covers.

“Why?  Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“Just the opposite, Kate.” He shut his eyes as if in pain, but they opened and I swear I saw them blink red for a second. I couldn’t be sure.  I jumped under the covers and scooted over to the far end of the queen-sized bed.  He cocked his head at me and looked down his nose.

“You are the one who showed up in my room.  It’s not like we haven’t shared a bed so if you intend to stay, at least sit down or something.”

He seemed to weigh his decisions heavily.  At last he sat.  On top of the covers.

I briefly pondered the fire I was lighting.  The danger I was welcoming.  I knew what I wanted at that very second and it wasn’t the purest of thoughts.To keep it light I asked, “So, I can pop in on you when I want like that?”

He took that differently than I supposed by the negative look being spelled out across his face.  “Yes, but it would be unwise to do so.  I knew where you were.”

As if that answered why it was okay for him and not me.  I scooted my knees up to my shoulders and wrapped my arms around them under the covers.    “So you have something to hide?”  Another girl?

A little more karma for your day…


Sneak Peek into Stolen, book two of the Siphon Chronicles


Daniel had it wrong and realized it now. It isn’t just a girl thing. Before I could ask, Jason was pulling me up and kissing me. At first, his aggressiveness scared me. But I realized he was trying to prove something to either me or himself. It was a great kiss. He knew exactly what he was doing without a doubt. A year ago, he’d have made my head spin. But with this, I knew how much I needed Daniel. His kisses told me things too. And unfortunately, kissing another taught me exactly what Jason’s lack. And Foster’s. And what magic was missing from the absence of the song. Somehow, I didn’t take a year. I think it might be because I was so focused on ending it so many enlightenments into the way my song worked lately had me wondering if I’d done it wrong all these years.

“Jason. Are you a sylph?” The curve of his lip told all. I wanted to curse aloud but forced the distance between us even more than sitting across the room. He didn’t look composed yet. “You are!”

“Assumptions. Our parents found it fun to try new things, I guess.”

“But why did they think it’s only female oriented? What if there is another one? Or even a guy?”

“What are you saying, Lark. That you think you are not the only one?”

Library Lust

The Captive Reader

Library at La Foce Library at La Foce

After a week of reading about Iris Origo (and blogging about her not once but twice), I (not surprisingly) turned to Google to look at La Foce, the estate Iris and her husband purchased in the 1920s.  And you know what I discovered?  A stunning library in a beautifully maintained home.  Not only that: you can stay there.  This is definitely going onto my dream vacation list.

La Foce Library 2

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ROMANCE NEW RELEASES 4/12-4/18 Freebies, Deals & Giveaways List

Reading in Pajamas

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*This list will be pinned to the top of our FB page and updates will be made throughout the week. Buy links for Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Paperbacks. Genre codes included with titles. Key to codes listed at the bottom of the list.

✿MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015
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✿TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 2015
✦Hard to Be Good (Hard…

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