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More and More Zombies attacking our world these days.

Alice in Zombieland

If you’d like a sarcasm filled adventure from sweet Alice (who doesn’t stay so sweet), check out Alice in ZOMBIEland.  Fab read.

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under chronicles covers

ARRL Field Day, a different kind of EdTech

The Paperless Trail by EduAppsandMore

Today, the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), begins their annual field day. Field day was initially designed as a way to allow Amateur Radio Operators (hams) to practice operations under less than ideal conditions for emergency preparedness.

Today, with the availability of technology such as generators, solar panels, etc., the exercise is less about emergency communications, and more of a contest and learning opportunity.

I will be spending a large portion of my day at the W5UMS Field Day, here in Oxford, MS. I will use a portion of my day to operate (talk to people around the world), and another portion to learn to build some things I am not so familiar with.

One such item I will be building with my daughter is a “Tape Measure Yagi”. This is a directional antenna that allows one to focus their radio signal in a single direction. I want to build…

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An 11 year old girl learning to solder, mount components, and a bit of how things work…

The Paperless Trail by EduAppsandMore

So, yesterday, I posted about ARRL Field Day. We went to the W5UMS field day operation, and had a great time.

Ben, WF5N, held a how-to session on how to solder. While my soldering skill existed before going, I would not say it was great, by any stretch of the imagination. My daughter had never soldered anything before.

Upon arrival at the Lafayette County Central Fire Station, we were greeted by numerous amateur radio operators, or “hams”, who were anxious for field day to begin. We made our way inside to the area Ben intended to lead his session.

Ben stepped us through the process of mounting electrical components to a printed circuit board. He took the time to show my daughter how to solder correctly, and we were off and running. Following a combination of the schematic, and Ben’s input, my daughter managed to construct a home made “home…

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I sympathize with the zombies and am not even sure they are villains. To me they are this… – George A. Romero at BrainyQuote

I sympathize with the zombies and am not even sure they are villains. To me they are this… – George A. Romero at BrainyQuote.

Keeping with the ZOMBIES theme here lately!


An almost zombies dystopian, but with a twist that I will not spoil the surprise of….check it out.

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It’s good to be bad


Everyone likes a bad guy, from Darth Vader to Gargamel, a decent villain always out shines the goody goody lead.

We all have our arch villain favs we love to hate, and here are the ones that have had an effect on me over the years.

Kain- Blood omen legacy of kain.

Kain is the anti Edward, pale pouty teen  heart throb he is not. This father to the vamps of Nosgoth, Kain has hacked slashed and drained his way across time and space to pursue his dreams of total domination of his world.

As with most antagonist however he creates his own nemesis in the form of his ex lieutenants Raziel, this upstart had the audacity to out evolve his master by growing wings, Kain, not to be one upped by anyone tore said wings off and had him thrown into the nearest vortex. Raz over reacted by becoming an eater of souls with the mission to slay…

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Pride or Prejudice? Spike vs. Angel

How to Fangirl

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a vampire not in possession of a soul must (at some time in his life) be in want of one. Whether this vampire is blonde or brunette does not matter. Neither does his date of “birth”. All that matters is that he is soulless and therefore damned. Now, if you have ever seen Buffy or Angel, then you know I am referencing Angel and Spike. You surely have taken a side and chosen the vampire you would back during an apocalypse. If you haven’t, you are not a true fan. There can be no room for both.


(Because Leah is WAY too biased to be fair -don’t get me wrong, we’re both Team Spike but she’s also on Team Stake Angel and she hasn’t even watched Angel, I’ll be tackling most of this with her input of course.)

The best way…

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Using Games for Assessment | Edutopia

Using Games for Assessment | Edutopia.