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Why deny what is fate? Goblin’s Kiss series on Amazon.


Why deny what is fate?

Emma has a secret. A power she cannot control.

Ames Cahn is not good. He has a past.


Goblin’s Kiss series free on Amazon for two days

Two-book series that delves into a hidden goblin world that isn’t what the myths say they are. What if they look just as we do? What is there is a goblin king denying his heritage for the sins of the past? What if you are the hidden goblin queen with noble rights to chose your kingdom…and who you take as king? Or, what if there is a destiny already in place and fighting it is useless?

Goblin’s Kiss-Eternally Yours with one kiss! Free Today on Amazon

Does Emma have a choice? Did he offer her one before he gave that fateful kiss? Read to find out.

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Goblin’s Kiss- Free this week

denial half cover initial

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