Monthly Archives: January 2016

No matter the resolution…do something different. #31

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Resolutions for the new year–nah…I’m perfect the way I am.


If exercise is your resolution…here is your funny.


Free today for a little romance in the air! February is here.

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New Year Resolution-To lie more #28


Free this Friday! Love is in the air!

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Resolution-We should all just get along! #27


OR just get tougher.

New Year Resolution for the tube-#26


I will watch every 80’s and 90’s favorite I loved from start to finish.  Hmm!  Well, while skipping the shows I hating in each season.

Kicking off the sappy love month with a freebie on Friday!

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To read–New Year Resolution #27


I will read every Bradbury and Poe story I can get my hands on (net) before the year ends.

It’s officially a goal!  And I’ve read many already.