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Mississippi morning drive-ins!


Goblin’s Kiss-Eternally Yours with one kiss! Free Today on Amazon

Does Emma have a choice? Did he offer her one before he gave that fateful kiss? Read to find out.

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Deny your destiny! Goblin’s Kiss Series-Free tomorrow

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Goblin’s Kiss- Free this week

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Paranormal Quotes that remind you of the good ole days!


Paranormal quotes that remind us…

…why we love the paranormal.van_helsing 1.jpg

Quotes to love

Not sure who to give credit here, but love this poetic quote of true love. b908fd35a96688a02bdedde91bcf264c.jpg

Why our younger generations fail to find mates! LOL


Never Moon a Werewolf! Good Advice.


Vampire X-honest to yourself

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